Friday, 26 August 2011

Farm Recipes - Papaya Agar-Agar (Jelly)

During Ramadhan, I do not do Sunday morning market.  Instead, I opt to share the produce with family, friends and neighbours.  Among the produce that is ripening in quantity is papaya.  Most often, it is consume raw and as it doesn't last long once it is ripe, and I wanted to consume it in a different manner, I decided to experiment with turning it into a dessert as I thought this would make a refreshing and cooling as well as easy on the stomach dessert after a day of fasting.  So this was my contribution to this week's iftar with my family clan :).
Alternatively, you can also create a refreshing drink by with the papaya puree as a base and adding pineapple, orange or other fruit juices - this will give you a natural vitamin A and C boost as well as great for your digestion.

It is very easy to make this dessert with simple ingredients.  As always, I cook by feel so I can't give you exact measurements just proportions.
  • Agar-agar
  • Papaya - 1 medium ripe fruit - best if it is tree-ripened
  • Water ( 1 pack of agar-agar to approximately 1 litre of water - adjust the water for softer or harder agar-agar)
  • Sugar
Dissolve the agar-agar in a pot of hot water.  Add sugar according to your taste.  Puree ripe papaya and add a few tablespoons of the puree into the cooking agar-agar until you get a nice color to the mixture.  Place in pans and spoon in the remaining papaya puree into the pan.  Here you can be as creative as you want - creating lines or drops - whatever pattern you desire.  Leave to cool and chill before serving.