Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Local Salad Mania

We are used to eating the normal "western" salad that comprises of lettuce, tomatoes, etc.  However, locally, our ancestors have been consuming salads as part of their meal only we call them ulam.    Their salad dressing was sambal belacan only theirs didn't include pesticides or growth hormones.  The argument would be whether minute amounts affects us and many would say, it is only a little bit. However, this little bit will accumulate.  So, in my quest to have better quality meals without "having to pawn the house", I began to look at what we have.  Personally, I love salads and it is very suitable here, with our warm climate.
So, what to put in salads:

  1. daun ulam raja - cosmos caudantus
  2. pucuk tujuh bilah - pereskia sacarosa
  3. kobis - cabbage 
  4. bayam - spinach
  5. bunga kantan - ginger torch
  6. kemangi - lemon basil
  7. ruku - ocinum tenuiflorum
These are some ingredients for the salad which should be naturally grown without pesticides or growth hormones.  Slice the cabbage and ginger torch and just tear the spinach.  The combination of these based on traditional medicine is purported to provide therapeutic benefits for diabetes, high blood pressure, blood cleanser, cancer cells, stomach and colon, respiratory system - in short a whole bunch for the whole body.

Now, how about salad dressing.  My version of the salad dressing with a twist it:

  1. Blended mature daun durian belanda - soursop leaves.
  2. Limau kasturi - calamansi juice
  3. Natural honey (if you like a touch of sweetness)
  4. Virgin olive oil
  5. Salt to taste

What does the salad dressing bring to the table? Based on traditional or homeopathic remedies, it is packed with vitamins and minerals, anti-bacteria, heart benefits, cancer prevention - and so much more.

For this salad, all the ingredients are raw and with the exception of olive oil, are all local ingredients.  To make it totally local, you can try virgin coconut oil instead of virgin olive oil.  When you eat it, it is just another dish and much easier to consume than taking pills.  Try making it as part of your regular meal dish and I hope you reap the benefits and have a healthier life.  If you want to read more in detail about each of the salad ingredients, check out my plant specific blog.  Happy 2014!