Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SHL Project: Aqua Jannah Part 2

The renovation works on the pond is still continuing.  Due to the frequent rains. work is progressing slowly but steadily.
Due to the shape of the pond, it has caused for access to the back portion of the farm a bit inconvenient.  The decision was made to build a bridge across. 
This bridge will also make for a pleasant chilling out place, with a nice view.  There will be additional finishing touches to be added, but this will be done after the fish holding area is completed.

To improve the harvesting process, a fish holding area is being created to enable the fish to be kept alive during the harvesting process. 

This will enable for the fish to be "Categorized" according to their grades easier as well as enable the buyers to make their selections.  As with many of the projects, the aesthetic aspects are not forgotten.  Access to the holding area is also made easier with the construction of steps.
With the recent rains and in view of the fact that one of the ponds borders with Sg. Lui, a retainer wall will be built to strengthen the wall of the third pond.  As the soil content is mainly sand and rocks, water from the pond seeps to the river which results in a weaker wall as well as compromising the control of water levels.  The area is a water catchment area with plenty of rain.  At times, with just a few hours of rain, the water levels can increase dramatically as well as causing strong currents in Sg. Lui.  This contributes to soil erosions on the river banks which can cause floods should there be a break in the banks.  This year alone, there have been 3 floods in the area due to the rains.  Hence, at the farm, we constantly watch the "health" of the river bank wall.  To improve the strength of the separating wall, this retainer wall will be built with concrete supported by iron bars.  This is the next major improvement to the pond.  Then, we will be ready to fill the ponds, stabilize it and put new fish in, insyAllah.