Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bananas - Pisang Nangka

Like banana chips? This is one of the banana types used for making those tasty chips.  It is also eaten raw and used to make banana fritters.
At the farm it grows to about 10 m tall with a thick pseudostem between 15-20cm.  Each plant can produces an average of 8 "sikat", with each sikat weighing up to 3.5 kg though more commonly ranging from 1.5-2.5kg.  The banana itself is amongs the largest, from what I have seen, second only to pisang tanduk and competing with pisang embun.  The main difference in shape between pisang embun and pisang nangka is that pisang embun is more rounded whereas pisang nangka is more angular.

Pisang Embun (L) and Pisang Nangka (R)
The fruit has clear edges with the end having a cone-like shape.  The skin is of medium thickness.The young, mature banana is used to make banana fritters.  To know when it is ready to be turned into banana chips, check the end of the banana - the flower bud has turned to black and dried off, ready to drop off.

This skin will remain green even when it is ripe and ready to be turned into banana fritters.  The difference will be the softer feel to the fruit when pressed.  The texture of the fruit is firm and is sweet though not as sweet as pisang abu bunga or pisang awak.  As the fruit further ripens, it will begin to turn to yellow and will turn yellow when over-ripen.
So here's another banana for you to add to your repertoire :)


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